Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red and black and birds oh my!

Lots of cute new birds

New gorgeousness at the market

New black dresser with glass knobs...SO cute.

GORGEOUS black and cream pitcher. This photo just doesn't do it justice.

Beautiful new chair. Brown and black wicker.

fresh (artificial) bread anyone?

No words for the beauty of this hat

New bathroom location. We finally made good use of the little room outside the real commode. *Please note the adorable hanging candle chandelier above the bathtub.


  1. Love the new bathroom area. Been there two days in a row and still cant get enough. Love my new bird topairy(sp)thing. Will see you again soon. Oh love the brown and blk chair so cute in person. Pam

  2. You are just the best Brittany. Thanks for the props in the previous post. I am still on the look out for a LARGE dresser. I like the black longer one. I will come in soon and check it out. Love your store and of course, LOVE YOU!!

  3. Thanks ladies! Pam it is always so wonderful to see you strolling through the doors after your long work day. I love our 4:30 visits! And Em, you are the best too! I am keeping my eyes out for a big dresser. Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies who add so much to my life and who love our store. -B