Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cuties and a Coupon ;-)

Summertime Wednesday night TV has nothing to offer me. You are asking how in the world that has anything to do with the VM. This darling little chalkboard was born Wednesday evening out of my boredom.
Much apologies to my poor neighbors who have no safe hour of the day which they can have their windows open. I believe it was about 10 pm when I was spray painting this little dandy.
I couldn't bear to look at the dilapidated window pane any longer, and I had some chalkboard scraps so voila!

My near obsession with birds and lavender has moved to the front of the store.

Precious little corner cabinet most likely from an old bathroom. I feel like I am always saying this but you guessed is sold, but I thought I would share it anyway.

A little late in the season but I found this in the back room last week. It is a little planter that hangs on the wall. Very cute and I put a great price on it!

The little desk on the left is another one of those things that barely had a chance here at the VM. Our sweet Pam bought it for scrapbooking. I would love to have a craft room that beautiful. She is a lucky lady.

The screen below is sold as well but too bad, you have to look at it since it is so lovely.

The green table to the left is new and NOT sold. It is a sofa table but would be great to use as a TV stand. I would put baskets underneath to house those media center must haves such as remotes and DVDs. Cancel that, I have a crawling little girl. Here in 6 months or so I could do the basket idea.

This picture is not so fabulous but I wanted to show the pretty legs on the table. I am sorry to say I think I failed mis -erably.

Oh cute little black wicker stools...

Black and chartreuse table and chairs I am working on. It is not complete but what can I say, I had to make room on my patio so here they are.

Just some trivia for y'all: Chartreuse is yellow-green like the color of grass that hasn't been watered or of a broccoli's stem. Thanks wikipedia! I thought that was a hilarious description of the mouthwatering shade of green I love so much. unwatered grass wha wha

This is an absolutely impractical piece of furniture in today's cell phone era, but is very charming none the less. This is a phone table. There is even a little notch cut out on the edge of the table top for the phone cord.

Oh and here is where the cuties come in. My babies came in for a while this week. Reese is obsessed with the fake bread for some strange reason (she takes after her mommy I guess!)

Sweet girl in the metal bucket!

And my little man had to pose in there too since his sissy did it.
And finally for the coupon part...for my blog readers please enjoy 15% off of an item of your choice for being so great! Just mention this post. Have a stupendous weekend!

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