Friday, March 25, 2011

Some funky new junk

Hello vintage lovers!  I hope Spring Break has treated you all well.  I don't have too many new pictures to share just yet but I thought I would share what I've got so far.

This buffet is so pretty but sold about 30 minutes after arriving at the shop.  Of course (it is some sort of unspoken rule around here) everyone wants to buy it since it is sold and I can see why.  It is adorable.  And guess what?  I get to paint it white for it's new home!  I am pretty darn excited about that because it means that I get to have it in my house for a couple weeks while I am working on it.  I will post an after pic for you all to see when I get done with it because I know you will be dying to see it. 

These old tool boxes are a great and funky way to store or display so many things.  I saw one recently that someone had stuck their extra couch pillows in.  Creative, I love it.  This one is pretty big so you could do just that with it, that is if I don't take it home first!  Oh boo I can't, I have vowed to go all white in my living room, which means my beloved yellow dresser has to go : (  $45

This is such a charming little bench.  It would be cute on your porch or patio with potted flowers or even someplace inside in need of a rustic touch.  $125

I apologize for this pic but don't you just love this cement rooster?  Forget putting this baby outside, I want one for my kitchen.  Wouldn't it be such a nice unexpected piece inside or am I just a bit off my rocker?  Wait don't answer that!  $40

Cute cute cute and it has a great price tag to boot!  This vintage watering can is lovely!  Again, think indoor or outdoor.  $18

That concludes this Friday's ramble fest.  Thanks to everyone for reading, and check back soon for more new goods.  Don't forget to sign up for the Junk Swap Thursday April 7th @ 7:15 pm if you haven't already!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rearranged and a bulldog

We have had a busy week around here!  The entire store has been flipped aro-ound.  It was a lot of fun to put new collections together and I think we came up with some creative ways to display some of the goods.
This counter is such a pretty blue green color.  It could be used anywhere in need of some extra storage space, a craft room, entryway, you name it, it will look amazing! $295

 Beautiful old pie safe in great condition.  The original shelves are inside, it is a beauty!  $425

 This red mantel is huge and oh so pretty.  I have been seeing mantels on blogs lately just against the wall and decorated, with no real fireplace and I am loving that look.  As soon as I find just the right one, I will have one of my very own.  $275

                                                                      Green cabinet $225
 The pink and white has been moved to the back to brighten up that dark corner and it is looking so cute!  Medicine cabinet $85  Dresser $125  Sweet little white chair $18

 And I thought I would finish it off with one of my favorite things...a bird nest. 
Don't forget about our next Junk Swap coming up on Thursday April 7th at 7:15 pm.  Also, this week we will have a special guest down at the shop, the sweetest and most lovable little French Bulldog named Dooney, so come in and say hello!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clam Chowder, Pom Poms, and Junk Swap!

Hello there! I hope March is treating you all well!

Before I forget, there is one thing I have to say.  There is a sweet lady out there somewhere that came in last week and bought a few things.  Among them were two of these aqua bowls.  I didn't think about it at the time, but later I found this 3rd bowl in a random spot full of sand and shells and an icecream scoop!  My sweet little boy had been helping me here at the shop the day before, and was making clam chowder in that bowl.  So, long story long, to the lady who loved the other two, there is a third here if you want it!  I feel bad you missed out on it, but the clam chowder just had to be made! 

Next up, this white wicker hamper.  There is one very similar in the PB Kids catalog that has a cute little liner in it.  It would be a fabulously functional cute addition to any floor needing a break from laundry piles (not that I know anything about that).  $32
These old cabinet parts have been such a hot item in the shop lately!  This one is from a house locally that was remodeled.  Their loss is our gain, we love this cabinet!  Top $225  Cabinet base $250
I couldn't help myself, I had to add chicken wire to the doors.  Love it!
This bistro set is still here patiently awaiting a front porch or patio to love it.  3 piece set $175
This coverlet and shams are beautiful!  It is a full size set so would be perfect for a guest room.  Coverlet $30 Pair of shams $14
Oh yes, we found ourselves another corner cabinet! $325
I made these pom poms and added them to our window display for some girly effect.  I think these sweeties did the trick.  If anyone is interested in making these, click here.  Or you could always come by the shop and I could show you ; )

Still loving these concrete birds.  We have more great concrete pieces coming soon!  Birdbaths, and rooster and bulldog statues=Adorable!
This big white distressed mirror is such a beauty, I can't believe it hasn't been snatched up yet!  $95
Ok, this is a bit random, but the fabric on this blanket is so gorgeously retro!  If I had a place for it  in my house I would definitely make it mine, but there is only one bed around my house in search of bedding, and somehow I do not think my son would enjoy it as much as I do!  Twin $30 (can you believe that price?)
I will have more pictures next week of new goodies, so check back.  If you want to see what I have been up to around my house, check out my latest blog post over at Stuck on GRAY.

One last thing before I shut up.  While I was walking around the Antique Mall the other day, I had two people ask me when we are having another Junk Swap, so I decided to go ahead and plan another one.  As long as there are enough people wanting to do it, I will keep planning them.  So ladies, mark your calendars for Thursday April 7th at 7:15 pm.  Despite the small group, there were some really really cute things at the last swap, so you will not want to miss it!