Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just a quick note-

I don't have time to do much right now but I was just thinking about our grand opening. It was such a great feeling to have our friends and family here celebrating with us. The store has been such a labor of love for both my mother and me. We feel especially lucky to have the opportunity to do what we love and are so grateful that you all love what we do. So thank you and always remember that you too can realize your dreams. -B
PS I just love this display

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grand Opening and Not So Grand Broken Toilet

Ok...I do realize that it has been quite a while since I posted pictures of the store. There are a few reasons for this though. I like to blame it on my dear sweet mother who randomly decides to take her camera home. I like to think of it as the VM camera, however, I am realizing that she does not agree with me on that one. Another reason is that we have been working diligently to get our Shabby Attic (aka upstairs) revamped for you all to see this Friday @ 7pm. Oh yeah...Did I forget to mention that our grand opening is this friday @ 7 pm? Yes please come celebrate with us and see the Attic.

On another note, I came in to work Saturday morning and the vintage toilet out front had been knocked over and broken by some drunk imbecile. The crappy (no pun intended, yeah actually pun indended) thing about it is that it is from 1930 and worth quite a bit and there is really no way to replace it. These toilets aren't exactly in production today. So sadly, no more old toilet.

Thanks so much for reading....You know you are special because you are reading my blog! Have an amazing day. I will post pics asap. I am just waiting for the *furniture fairy* to drop off some new stuff. Hurry up mother.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cuties and a Coupon ;-)

Summertime Wednesday night TV has nothing to offer me. You are asking how in the world that has anything to do with the VM. This darling little chalkboard was born Wednesday evening out of my boredom.
Much apologies to my poor neighbors who have no safe hour of the day which they can have their windows open. I believe it was about 10 pm when I was spray painting this little dandy.
I couldn't bear to look at the dilapidated window pane any longer, and I had some chalkboard scraps so voila!

My near obsession with birds and lavender has moved to the front of the store.

Precious little corner cabinet most likely from an old bathroom. I feel like I am always saying this but you guessed is sold, but I thought I would share it anyway.

A little late in the season but I found this in the back room last week. It is a little planter that hangs on the wall. Very cute and I put a great price on it!

The little desk on the left is another one of those things that barely had a chance here at the VM. Our sweet Pam bought it for scrapbooking. I would love to have a craft room that beautiful. She is a lucky lady.

The screen below is sold as well but too bad, you have to look at it since it is so lovely.

The green table to the left is new and NOT sold. It is a sofa table but would be great to use as a TV stand. I would put baskets underneath to house those media center must haves such as remotes and DVDs. Cancel that, I have a crawling little girl. Here in 6 months or so I could do the basket idea.

This picture is not so fabulous but I wanted to show the pretty legs on the table. I am sorry to say I think I failed mis -erably.

Oh cute little black wicker stools...

Black and chartreuse table and chairs I am working on. It is not complete but what can I say, I had to make room on my patio so here they are.

Just some trivia for y'all: Chartreuse is yellow-green like the color of grass that hasn't been watered or of a broccoli's stem. Thanks wikipedia! I thought that was a hilarious description of the mouthwatering shade of green I love so much. unwatered grass wha wha

This is an absolutely impractical piece of furniture in today's cell phone era, but is very charming none the less. This is a phone table. There is even a little notch cut out on the edge of the table top for the phone cord.

Oh and here is where the cuties come in. My babies came in for a while this week. Reese is obsessed with the fake bread for some strange reason (she takes after her mommy I guess!)

Sweet girl in the metal bucket!

And my little man had to pose in there too since his sissy did it.
And finally for the coupon part...for my blog readers please enjoy 15% off of an item of your choice for being so great! Just mention this post. Have a stupendous weekend!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Martini Fridays?

My mother gave me the fabulous idea to host martini Fridays here at the store once a month or so. We thought it would be a great way to get together and relax after work and shop of course!

I was thinking about doing special sales each time (ie 25% off anything that hangs, or is white etc) and giving a gift to anyone who brings a friend. Something along those lines. I know Fridays are busy so any input regarding day and time would be much appreciated.

When I walked in to the store this morning I was not sure what the day had in store so I snapped this picture of the martini glass with the intent of putting it on this post. As it turns out, it has been pretty busy and wouldn't you know it, the entire set of glasses sold!

Friday, August 6, 2010


This is such a sweet little pink shabby dresser complete with authentic crackling paint. It would be perfect for a nursery or anywhere else in the house for a shabby chic or pink fan.

This blue and white cabinet is also a brand new addition here at TVM. However, I barely had a chance to snap a picture of it as it sold merely one hour after we brought it through the doors. Our lovely customer Sharon bought it to use as a sewing table. It will be perfect because the table folds up for times when the sewing projects are on hold and the machine can be neatly stowed away inside. I love it when something practical is also pretty.

More pink and white...

These pillows are handmade locally out of vintage chenille bedspreads. They are truly charming in person. Chenille scottie dogs are coming soon. They are adorable as well.

The mirror pictured below is beautiful and my favorite part is the brown/black combination. We have been taught that this is an off limits color combo but I am really loving it lately. It is hanging above the new wicker chair and just looks smashing.

Red as usual. The little dresser is one that I brought down to replace the yellow one that sold a couple weeks ago. It did not last long either! Pam saw this little gem in the store one day, loved it, and couldn't stop thinking about it once she got home. Her response when asked where she will put it "I have no idea" Something so cute can go just aout anywhere. In the Miranda Lambert video for "The house that built me" there is a beautiful farm house with a dresser on the front porch. A-dorable.

I love these chairs! I am realizing that I love too much. I need a bigger house.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red and black and birds oh my!

Lots of cute new birds

New gorgeousness at the market

New black dresser with glass knobs...SO cute.

GORGEOUS black and cream pitcher. This photo just doesn't do it justice.

Beautiful new chair. Brown and black wicker.

fresh (artificial) bread anyone?

No words for the beauty of this hat

New bathroom location. We finally made good use of the little room outside the real commode. *Please note the adorable hanging candle chandelier above the bathtub.