Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a quick hello

Hey there! I just thought I would post a couple new pictures since I waited so long last time. The white desk in the above picture has been with us for a while but is so gorgeous and everyone loves it. I know it will be finding a new home soon. The right person just needs to walk in.
This black drop leaf table is so pretty and the little drawer in the center adds so much. This table would be perfect for a small eat in kitchen or office since it can be folded up to save space or expanded when need be.

One of those crazy things I couldn't get out of my head... I just had to set the antique crib up as a bench. Dressed up with linens and pillows it gets a whole new look! I think it is adorable used this way and is very sturdy. It would look fabulous under a window or at the end of a bed. Even a porch.
I am done rambling for now I suppose. Have a lovely week everyone and I will post pictures of the upstairs when it gets done. -B

Friday, September 17, 2010

pg-13 and my mom's transportation of choice :)

I apologize if a bit of crude humor offends anyone but these vintage ash trays cracked me up so I thought I would share. They would make a great gag gift or white elephant gift at a Christmas party.

It is hard to believe that such humor would be used fifty years ago.

Completely appropriate for the season, my mother flew in on this broom yesterday. Only joking, let's see how long it takes her to comment. It is a darling little broom though. Can you imagine having to sweep your floors with this bad boy?

Adorable new black shelves. They would be perfect atop just about any piece of furniture to add height or storage.

I could not get a good angle to photograph these black shelves but you can still see how lovely they are. They are the perfect size, fairly narrow and tall so they could fit in almost any space. It may be hard to see but the drawer near the bottom has a glass knob on it. It adds just the right amount of glitz.

I know they won't be here much longer so enjoy while you can.

I LOOOOOOVE how this little bench turned out. I wish we had a before picture but it sure turned out beautifully.

Pictured here is a gorgeous brass twin bed. The headboard is about five feet tall and the footboard is curved in on each end. Very snazzy. Snazzy def: stylish and attractive. Good to know!

I might be the only one but I love hanging wreaths on doors, shutters and windows. Such a nice combination.

sorry I am a newbie...I posted this picture twice! I hope you love it!

This is an adorable framed picture by Kate Sexson Photography. She does a wonderful job photographing flowers, fruits and vegetables and apparently gourds!

Not a very good picture but I love this Pottery Barn throw. It is so soft and very pretty. Can't you just imagine yourself cuddled up napping with this thing while football is on in the background (Ok if you can't tell, that is why I love football season)

Another beauty from Kate Sexson Photography. I love this shot!

More cute photography

For some reason I am having writer's block when I see this picture so feel free to jump in and describe it for yourself!

Cute little vanity with a tri-fold mirror. Underneath is a crusty old box with lid. I am not sure why I love it but I do!

Recognize this??? It used to be stained dark but it was given a new look by added embellishments and a fresh coat of cottage white paint and then lightly distressed.

This is an old senior portrait from I don't know when. All I know is how darling it is all folded up.

And opened

I brought in this tree the other day thinking it would be the perfect addition to a halloween display but oh no, the furniture fairy had another vision for it. It looks pretty spiffy as a jewelry display.

Love this black and white art

This is a signed silhouette from 1923. It is a charming little piece.

Oh my favorite! I love these possum belly tables. In case anyone doesn't know they were made for dough making. Flour was stored in the cubbies beneath and they were the perfect height for kneading dough. Anyone who has ever tried to knead bread on a high counter knows what I am talking about.

Ok I guess I am done rambling for now. Next week we have some super cute new shabby stuff coming so I will post pics of that. Also, I am rearranging the downstairs. Currently it s a wreck! I will be sure to show those results as well.
Did I mention that this is the only day I have worn heels to work and so far I have helped move a hutch (cram a hutch) into a tiny little Saab, loaded a vanity and moved countless other furnishings around the store? Well there I mentioned it and might I say my feet are not loving me right now! Enjoy your rainy weekend! Go Beavs.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

View From the Top

I haven't posted new pictures for quite a while. I have been busy with some refinishing projects for customers and just keeping up the store. Having another story open means more to make beautiful!

I just thought I would share the new bags and tissue. I am little miss indecisive when it comes to even the simplest decision. Case in point-which tissue shall I choose? I mulled it over for a couple days and ended up choosing the black and white damask print. I thought it went well with the general theme of the store and matched the black and buttercream paint that we are blessed with inside and outside of the building.
I just couldn't resist showing off the delectable cupcake display we enjoyed at our grand opening last Friday. Thank you Sweet Treasures and Rocket Queen for baking up those tasty beauties.

We couldn't resist the opportunity to dress up our swimsuit model as a scarecrow. Doesn't he look handsome? No...he is not for sale.

Some fall mixed with vintage kitchen
gadgets. It must have been one of my crazy ideas. "Lets bust out the gadgets for one of our fall displays." I am positive my mom thinks I have lost it when I come up with such randomness but in a strange way I think it works. On a gadget-but not-so-crazy related note, I have plans to break them out again for a Christmas tree. Stay tuned for that-early november. Come downtown for the window display competition and xmas reveal!

Gorgeous April Cornell dishes. 12 place settings new in boxes! And matching canisters, serving bowl and napkins. Fabulous deal for some beautiful dishes.

Oh did I mention we are the proud new owners of a piano! Very out of tune but still fun to decorate.

I probably shouldn't even show this picture since just about everything in it has sold over the last week but here it is anyway. I wish my table at home could look so festive!
And the same goes for the next picture.

It is difficult to tell in the picture but this drop leaf table is perfectly shabbied and adorable. It may be going to a new home soon. What do you all think about it going in a dining room with a set of mis matched chairs with some adorable red floral upholstery on the seats? If I know her like I think I do, I will be getting a call no later than Monday to hold it for her : )

At first glance this is just a boring 'ol photo of a stairwell, but it is a landmark event for us because drumroll please...the upstairs is now open! And please take note of the hand rail. It was lovingly (or not so lovingly) installed by my beautiful mother. Have I mentioned how amazing she is? Unafraid of any project, she whipped this bad boy into submission. Love her xo

Notable change here at the VM-we switched out the previous drab door for this cutie pie. Makes you wish you had a front porch to put it on doesn't it? Well if not, then the next screen door surely will. Scroll down

I loved the beachy cottage feel of this display. I wish to transport it in it's entirety directly to my house. A project for another day I suppose...

I love the smell of this dried lavender. And if you need further evidence of that statement, we are currently using the French Lavender scent in our Scentsy burner upstairs.

Aah, the view from the top! Lovely isn't it? I cannot wait to decorate this 2nd story window for Christmas.

Shabby hutch that is all sorts if chic.

Rusty bed frame that really belongs out in the garden but you work with what you've got, and since we are gardenless and had an extra full matress set, we thought "what the heck"

Here is that darn pink dresser again...and some gorgeous little April Cornell pillows. You can barely see the little scottie dogs in the back but they are so cute and made from vintage chenille bed spreads. In my opinion, every shabby girl needs one. We are sold out at the moment but there are more on the way...
We plan to bring in many new furniture pieces next week so check back to see the new goods. Also, make sure to come downtown for Antiques in the Streets next Saturday Sept 11th.
Thank you so much for reading and looking. Happy weekend to all. We will be closed on Labor day.