Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just a quick hello

Hey there! I just thought I would post a couple new pictures since I waited so long last time. The white desk in the above picture has been with us for a while but is so gorgeous and everyone loves it. I know it will be finding a new home soon. The right person just needs to walk in.
This black drop leaf table is so pretty and the little drawer in the center adds so much. This table would be perfect for a small eat in kitchen or office since it can be folded up to save space or expanded when need be.

One of those crazy things I couldn't get out of my head... I just had to set the antique crib up as a bench. Dressed up with linens and pillows it gets a whole new look! I think it is adorable used this way and is very sturdy. It would look fabulous under a window or at the end of a bed. Even a porch.
I am done rambling for now I suppose. Have a lovely week everyone and I will post pictures of the upstairs when it gets done. -B

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