Monday, October 11, 2010

sorry, thanks and you're invited

I finally have a functional computer at home so the first thing I am doing is apologizing for the major lack of new posts! We are currently using a different computer at the store that is making it difficult to upload photos and since I am completely and utterly technologically challenged, I gave up. I have been hearing that people are checking in to see new pictures of the store and obviously there aren't any, and for that you have my sincere apologies. Just hearing my voice (err you know what I mean) will have to give you your vintage fix for now, unless of course you stop in and see us!

The Market had a new face last Saturday. For anyone who might have stopped by the store you got to meet our dear friend Penny. It was so lovely to have her there and I have a feeling you may be seeing more of her in the future! Thanks a million Penn ; )

We have been busy little bees getting things ready for Christmas. In case you didn't know, the evening of Nov 4th will be an open house of all of the downtown shops. We will be closed Nov 3rd and 4th to get everything ready and will be reopening at 5 pm on the 4th for the big holiday reveal. We have all sorts of projects in the works that we are so excited to share. In fact, I just unpacked my sewing machine after that bad boy had an 18 month hiatus. Now we are back in business, although I am 99% sure my husband missed most of the audio on Monday Night Football : ( Thanks for not complaining love. So, you are all invited to come downtown at 5 pm on Thursday November 4th if you want to get the first glimpse at Christmas down at the Market.

I have been brainstorming some fun evening event ideas for the store so stay tuned for more on that. I really need to get organized so I can follow through on at least a few of the many ideas that I have bouncing around inside of my head.

Please don't give up on me, I promise I will get pictures posted soon! Thanks so much for being the best blog readers and for loving vintage. Until next time -B

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  1. Brittany, I love seeing all of your new Christmas creations! Your excitement is contagous and I now find myself (yes, I was lost) sorting through all my Christmas totes! There are so many surprises packed away in my shiny silver boxes.......The fun is just beginning!!! Our customers won't be disappointed once the doors open the evening of November 4th!