Friday, August 6, 2010


This is such a sweet little pink shabby dresser complete with authentic crackling paint. It would be perfect for a nursery or anywhere else in the house for a shabby chic or pink fan.

This blue and white cabinet is also a brand new addition here at TVM. However, I barely had a chance to snap a picture of it as it sold merely one hour after we brought it through the doors. Our lovely customer Sharon bought it to use as a sewing table. It will be perfect because the table folds up for times when the sewing projects are on hold and the machine can be neatly stowed away inside. I love it when something practical is also pretty.

More pink and white...

These pillows are handmade locally out of vintage chenille bedspreads. They are truly charming in person. Chenille scottie dogs are coming soon. They are adorable as well.

The mirror pictured below is beautiful and my favorite part is the brown/black combination. We have been taught that this is an off limits color combo but I am really loving it lately. It is hanging above the new wicker chair and just looks smashing.

Red as usual. The little dresser is one that I brought down to replace the yellow one that sold a couple weeks ago. It did not last long either! Pam saw this little gem in the store one day, loved it, and couldn't stop thinking about it once she got home. Her response when asked where she will put it "I have no idea" Something so cute can go just aout anywhere. In the Miranda Lambert video for "The house that built me" there is a beautiful farm house with a dresser on the front porch. A-dorable.

I love these chairs! I am realizing that I love too much. I need a bigger house.

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