Friday, April 1, 2011

Feeling special and new goods

Happy Friday everyone!

I just have to start off by saying how absolutely special I feel right now.  I have been so blessed this week by gifts from customers.  I was given an amazing little side table, earrings, and a wire vine plant.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have met so many amazing women this past year.  Thanks so much to you all for loving Vintage, but more importantly for being such wonderful friends to us.  You truly are appreciated!

And since I know you are all dying to see my newest piece of furniture, here are the before and after!  Doesn't it have some gorgeous carved legs?
 I haven't decided on a permanent (yeah right) home for it yet, so I put it in the entryway and stuck the shoe basket on it.  Not super practical but I am not known for my practicality anyway.

I seem to still be having troubles getting this post done after days of trying, but I simply REFUSE to let technical difficulties get the best of me. 

We just got in a wonderful group of items this week, many of which were rescued from local historical buildings. One of our customers has finally decided to part with some of her collection after her years of preserving historical properties.  You know the drill, I shall start with my FAVE!

This farmhouse desk is so very pretty.  I cannot even imagine a more perfect place to sit down and relax and blog.  You could not help but be a creative genius with this baby beneath your laptop.  $165 (but really priceless if you want my opinion, you don't but too bad)

 Of course I have to show off the chippy legs.  We have mother nature to thank for that wonderful patina.

We have so many new chairs.  It is hard to see the color in this picture but it is painted a light sage green and then distressed.  The pad has been covered with a pink and white rose pattern vintage bed sheet.  So sweet!  $36

I am now wishing that I had a better picture to show this dresser off.  It came out of an old boarding house in Lebanon.  I always love to hear where things come from.  It is nice to imagine it in it's original home.  Just think of how much use it has been through over the years and it is still standing.  $95

Wonderfully rusty milk can and sticks $35

White vintage metal cart $42

This is such a great little cupboard.  It has three shelves and a row of hooks at the bottom to hang items like keys.  It would be handy to have near the front door to stick all of those random things that always clutter the counter.  $30

Cute cute little wooden chair.  I have a certain photographer friend that needs to use this in a photo shoot!  $40

There you have it, the new stuff in a nutshell.  If you want to join us for the Junk Swap, make sure you call me and sign up.  541-981-2767  Also, we have some big news to announce soon so make sure that you check back to find out.  Thanks so much for reading!

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