Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage find sharing

Each time our customers take home treasures from the shop I always wonder (and sometimes ask) what is their plan for that piece? In some cases, I personally have spent hours shopping for the piece, sanding and painting it, lugging it down to the shop, and arranging and decorating it. Therefore, I feel it is only natural for me to wonder where it will end up, will it be loved and appreciated? etc. Crazy of me, I know, because I know that all of you take our vintage finds home and make your homes look amazing with them. But still, I love to see pictures of what you ladies decide to do with them.
Starla bought this mantel from us last month and might I say, it is the perfect addition to her bedroom. Yes, she is lucky enough to have that much extra space in her room! If you can't tell, this is me being VERY jealous. The picture is a bit blurry but I think it looks darling and goes perfectly with her other decor. Thank you Starla for sharing!
I would love to see where your treasures end up, so e-mail me before and afters (or just afters)and I will share them on our blog. Send pics to thevintagemarket@aol.com
Also, there are only 4 spaces left for our junk swap next Wednesday night so be sure to come in and sign up if you want to join in. The Market is adding a couple of special "junk" items in the swap so you won't want to miss it! Happy snow week everyone, keep your fingers crossed.

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