Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wreath, rambling and a surprise!

I can hardly believe how quickly time has passed since I last posted. Shame on me for abandoning our blog for so long, but in my defense I really didn't even think anyone read it. Saturday, however, I learned otherwise from some lovely ladies that come into the shop. So this post is dedicated to you, you know who you are!

This first picture is of my latest late night crafting session. I love love love it and it looks even better in person (does that saying apply to an object? hmm I'll think on that) But either way I wanted to share it. Read to the end to find out more about it.
Now, on to the goods. I usually write about a picture below the picture but every other blog in the world does it before so I will do it the apparently correct way so here I go. The lamp in the picture below is so so lovely. I love the pairing of the antique lamp and the new Pottery Barn shade. I love this idea of old meets new. Just look at my house and you will see : )

This is the same desk we have had for a while now. It is in desperate need of a good home and so many people have looked at it but it just hasn't been right...yet.

Lamp w/ shade $120 Desk $275

Just a closer look at the do dads on the desk.

This white cabinet is ADORABLE and mark my words, it won't last long. It is not too deep so it would be good for any small areas in your house that need a little sprucing up.
Cabinet $95 Brown wicker rocker $80 White dresser w/ glass knobs $125

Another close up shot. While we are looking, don't you just love the asparagus fern? I think everyone needs one somewhere. Adding a little green is a great way to liven up a room. It looks pretty darn cute in an enamel pot too doesn't it? In case you decide you need one, this one is from Fred Meyer and was only $6.99. Gotta love affordable easy pretty.
Enamel pot $18 Milk glass cake plate $75 Metal star $2

Cloches are a quick and easy way to make just about anything look cute. Just stick a cloche over it and voila! I was trying to be creative here and stuck it all on an upside down bowl. I can't decide whether or not I like it but it does add a nice pop of color so I will leave it.
Cloche $26 Blue bowl $20

I am not a fabulous photographer so this picture is not great but the lamp and shade are! This is a vintage lamp shade shabbied right up and stuck atop a newish lamp. Again, loving the mix and match here. Also, loving the blue crate I put it in. It has the original label on it that says King Crow Cantaloupes. Random but cute none the less.
Lamp shade $25 Lamp $45 Blue crate $25

I was going for beachy here but I was working with all non beachy items so I am not sure how I did. I love the white and rustic wood together.
White chair $45 Misc crates around $15 each

Super cute rocking chair. Can't you just picture it on your front porch?
Rocking shair $45 Shabby door $75 Gray bucket $15 Sign $15

We found yet another use for the clawfoot tub other than bathing. It makes a great place to stash chairs and pillows.
White shabby chair $15 Tub $475

I should have taken a picture of this display right when I did it. It was one of my favorites but nearly everything in it sold over the past weeks so here it is as it looks now. Still cute and full of birds and nests.

Green chair $30 White candelabra $25 Vintage rake $22 Antique counter $250
Teal mailbox $18

Rolling pin collection in this great rusty tin.

This is a great little vintage server, and it was made in the USA so that makes it even cooler.

I thought these vintage letter stamps were too precious. We only have the F and L. Know anyone with those initials?
$3 each

Antique birdcage $85

Since we packed up Christmas we brought out more of our vintage kitchen collection. There are way too many little items here to list prices so if you want to know the price of something call the shop @ 541-981-2767.
Red rocking chair $35 White Table $185

Black corner shelf $50

Isn't this mantel so beautiful? And guess what, my mom built that without the help of any man. Handy lady I am telling you!

You all know we can't not have black in here. It is our favorite whether we know it or not.

Buffet $175 Black chair $40 Round clock table $125

I really loved these pillows so I wanted to show them more close up. The print is grey and yellow. So gorgeous. $12 each.

Oh and did I mention more black upstairs?

Of course upstairs is still filled with pink and white.

As promised, more on the fluffy white wreath that I made. I thought this might make a good project to do as a class at the store. It was simple to make, it just took a little bit of time. If anyone is interested in learning to make one let me know by commenting here or on facebook or by calling the shop. I have yet to find the perfect place to hang mine at home but I know I will find one.

So that's that. Thank you so much for sticking it out through my rambling. Yes I am one of those people who can go on forever about anything so here is a reward to you my blog readers. Mention that you read our blog and enjoy 20% off any one item through the end of January. I hope to see you all soon. B


  1. Umn you know I want to learn the wreath for sure.. Any time or day let me know and I will be ready. So excited for the new Post... Yeah.. Talk to you soon!!!!

  2. Thanks Pam. It is always exciting to have a comment! I hope you are doing well. I will see you soon. B