Saturday, January 22, 2011

A not so quick post

I am going to try my best to make this post short and sweet but if any of you out there know me, cutting it short on words is not exactly my strong point. We are so blessed to have the beautiful sun out today. During the winter months it is easy to forget how refreshing the sunlight can be. Despite the coldish temperature, there have been many people out walking downtown today, and so many lovely vintage items have found new homes.

I think I saw my most excited customer today. She was so happy to find a big wrought iron bird nest yard stake. I loved it. It is always so fun for me to see someone take home one of my finds. So thank you all for loving our store. Now, onto the pictures.

We just got in curly willow bundles. They are so fun to decorate with for spring and are perfect for adding height or filling in a bare spot. Bundles are approximately 5' tall and are $14 each. We also have smaller bundles for $10.

Cute cute little heart napkin rings! Set of four $6

This bistro set is new and oh so cute for inside or outside. It would be perfect tucked in a breakfast nook or out on the front porch. It would be a bonus on the front porch-more surface to decorate for the seasons.

This bench is a-dorable! It is so great, you could put it anywhere and it would look fabulous. Isn't the window back mighty clever?

Rusty bed frame $125
Red Cabinet $44.95

Red clock w/easel $15
White ceramic quail $5

Here is a better shot of the red cabinet
White clock $16
Wire topiary form $10

Please don't mind the xmas tree in the background. We are a little slow around these parts.

The kitchen moved upstairs. It is a nice change. It was in need of a little makeover up there.

Vintage rooster salt and pepper shakers $12

And the black made it's way upstairs.

The end! Thanks for looking. We hope to see you all soon.

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  1. I would love to purchase the 3rd bowl so I could keep one for myself! If you still have it please put it aside for me and I will be in this week!