Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas is almost here...

First and foremost I would like to say how excited I am that our store served as a photography studio yesterday. The wonderful Emily of Emylyn Photography photographed an adorable little girl all around the store. Needless to say the pictures turned out beautifully! Check them out on her blog www.emylyn.blogspot.com I can't believe Christmas is almost here. This year has just flown right by. I thought I would share a few pictures of my Christmas decorating at home. I do not go too over the top with the decorating at home, but I like a little sparkle here and there.

Now on to the store...the reason you are here. We have another white corner cabinet. We had to repair the top doors so they are not pictured but it will be very darling with chicken wire, glass knobs and of course some distressing. $325

Buffets seem to be so popular as an alternative to a super modern looking metal and glass tv stand. Over the last few months we sold several for that purpose. This buffet has a great finish. It is a great creamy paint with a dark stain over the top.
Fabulously priced at $195.

Sheet music wreath with "JOY" center. $32

These baby shoes are so precious filled with greenery and a feathered friend. $8.95

I am not sure how I managed this, but the image in the mirror is in focus rather than the mirror itself which I was actually trying to take the picture of. We have a set of these darling shabby mirrors that are framed with antique molding. $40 each

Here is a bird nest tucked in front of the mirror. Here you can see the molding and finish on the frame.

We changed the bedding on the bed yet again. I thought the bold brown and white pattern looked nice in the mix of all of the girly prints up in the shabby attic.

This chair is so very pretty! I love the cream and pink pattern. $70

There is new hutch upstairs. The sun was shining a bit bright so it is hard to see the entire thing
but it is very darling and even has a light up in the top. $225

I thought this was a wonderful idea (sadly not mine). An old chair back makes the perfect canvas for a sign. Oh the possibilities are endless now. I will keep my eye out for any cool pieces to do this project with. I am sure I could find several things in my garage...

With Christmas almost here, we are busy thinking up fun new projects for spring. We have a new floor layout in the works and some wonderful new color schemes so make sure to come see the store in the next couple months. I am making bird nests as we speak,well at least in between typing! Merry Christmas everyone and thank you SO much for reading! Brittany

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  1. Umn I get so excited when I see your new blogs. Makes me want to shop shop shop.. See you tomorrow! Pam