Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas at the VM

It has been ages since I posted pictures. I have worked through the technical difficulties (aka I didn't know what I was doing) so I think I have it figured out now. We have also been busy lately doing this...

And a little of this...

And some more of this. My niece has been visiting from Idaho over the past couple of weeks so my mother has been one busy grandma which also means that I have not had grandma at my disposal. Needless to say, I have not been accomplishing much at home!

Enough of that, on to the Christmas pictures! We have some very cute sheet music garlands here and there in the shop. They would be a great addition to your Christmas tree, hanging across the top of a mirror or intermixed into a table centerpiece. They are about 5' long and $5 each.

This little berry topiary is pretty cute as well. I have a soft spot for anything topiary-ish as you might know, so of course I love it. $10

This white shabby candelabra would look great almost anywhere. Another good centerpiece idea. $25

This is a cute and quirky little thing. We have two sets of these roller skates in the original cases. I have been trying to think of something creative to do with them but am at a loss...any ideas? $25 set

Another garland just sitting there being cute...

Oh no another topiary. I think this one is so charming with it's precious little Charlie Brown tree appeal. You can't help but love it. $10

This really is not a great picture but I couldn't not show off these treat boxes. Of course here we have them filled with ornaments and lights but imagine them filled with homemade Christmas candy or candy canes. Lg $35 Med $25 Sm $18

This birdcage has such a neat shape and is pretty large and the best part is, only $30! The little tree and sign inside are included.

Christmas made it's way upstairs. I knew it would eventually. I love the light green and red mix in this display. The Merry Xmas sign is two pieces so you can either stack it as it is here or they can be placed side by side. It would be gorgoeus lined up on a fireplace mantle nestled in a green garland and some lights. Sled $25 Dresser $65 Merry Xmas sign $20

Just a peek to the left of the same display. More of the pale green and red. It is inspiring me to decorate my tree in green and red this year hmmm....

I cannot take credit for this adorable little cabinet door display. Our sweet and amazing Gayla put this together (among many other displays). Who knew that mittens could be so darn cute? I actually wish I was wearing some right now. It is so freezing out today! The mitten hangs by a ribbon so you could add it to a wreath or hang it on your tree. Cute anywhere! Cabinet door $25 Mitten sign $12 Berry filled mittens $8.95 (great price for such an adorable little ornament)

Here is my favorite new addition at the VM. It is the cutest little blue cabinet and so perfect for anywhere because it is not very deep. It is hard to see from the picture but it has it's old hardware which instantly adds amazingness to this already cute piece. (Yes I know amazingness is not a word but it seemed to fit there).

More of the cute mittens hanging on the very shabby ironing board cabinet.

Who says Christmas can't be pink? This vintage wreath is adorable and could bring a little xmas pizazz to any shabby chic space. Love it. Wreath $14 April Cornell pillows $15 each shabby white chair $15

We have a new consignor who brought in some great pink goodies to share with us, and more great things to come, including some larger furniture pieces. More on that later.

This 3 piece tiered stand is very dainty and girly. It would make a great serving piece in the kitchen but I love it in our shabby attic bedroom. You really could do so much with this piece. Pink stand Lg tier $27 Med $17 Sm$10 Potted flowers $5 Antiques sign $3

This peacock feather wreath is different and fun for Christmas decorating or for everyday if you have the right room for it. $14

Just wanted to say hi! Bad picture but what can I say...It is a little boring today because of the weather. All the weatherman has to do is utter the word "snow" and no one will leave their house. Only here in the Willamette Valley! Mirror $30 Girl in the mirror-priceless

This is such a great lamp. So many people have already looked at it so I know it won't be here long. $45

And who doesn't love a stack of books? These are so great because they are red, and who doesn't love a little pop of red? $10

This large cloche is beautiful and makes anything placed inside of it look even that much cuter. Cloches are currently very hot decorating items. Right now we just have this one but we will be getting more for spring. $39

Just a little piece of the Paris display. It has turned out to be pretty popular. All of the Eiffel Towers that I cut out and glittered have sold. I guess I need to get busy making more!

Ooh la la is this tree not gorgeous? The tree itself is vintage and just about every item on it is as well. $300

These vintage kitchen canisters are so charming filled with ornaments and snow. $25 each ornaments and snow included

A cute little tree decorated with oversized white ornaments. I thought these would be the perfect addition to any shabby lovers decor for Christmas. They would also be great to tie onto a Christmas package. $3.50

Gold table setting. So elegant and pretty. Do you think anyone would mind if I took the $800 china home to serve Christmas dinner on?

Gorgeous punch bowl. It comes with 10 matching cups and is fabulously priced at $175.
Well there you have it...I hope you enjoyed my rambling! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and I hope to see you all soon.

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